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What's the difference between Free and Purchase Antares Univ

What's the difference between Free and Purchase Antares Univ

Postby IndieDude360 » 04 Aug 2012, 15:34

Hi, for ages now I've been experimenting with Unity3D and partaking in a few tutorials including tutorials of programming languages and game development and due to me being busy with schoolwork and other stuff I've been unable to progress with these tutorials and sustainably learn a programming language, I know that they take years and years and by starting out at a young age I can become better and good at programming, I still wish to learn how to program and I will be actively doing so when I have time and Unity3D allows me to take a dip into the world of game development, not only Unity3D allows me to do so but the community behind it all these magnicient plugins which open up tons of possibilities and visual programming is the next step in easier game development.

I think I'm planning on sticking with Antares Universe because of It's capabilities and I'm not trying to make an MMO, I'm embarking on a small mission to make a simple game or a series of them this would enable me to practice other game developing skills like programming in the meantime.

However Antares Universe has two versions, the Unlimited Version which is 150$ and the free version, I've read around and heard that the free version has barely got any limitations but I want to ask just to make sure, what are the limitations with the free version atm and will there be more in the future?

Thanks for reading.
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Re: What's the difference between Free and Purchase Antares

Postby Neodrop » 18 Sep 2012, 10:33

Sorry for delay. I have missing this thread.

Free version display a banner on start.
Free version have no fluids water simulation nodes and have no mesh-morphing nodes.
All other features the same as the paid version.
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