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Universe Editor : first sight

Universe Editor : first sight

Postby Neodrop » 01 Apr 2011, 14:00

Universe Editor

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1. Work Area. Here you create your Visual code.

2. Toolbox. This part of the interface contains Logic Blocks structured by usage. Click on a button of any block will create a block’s instance and you’ll be able to place it in any position inside Work Area. There’s a search textfield above the Toolbox for finding the blocks you need. Clear the textfield after the search is complete so all existing blocks could be displayed.

3. Inspector. If you choose any Logic Block inside Work Area Inspector is going to display the Logic Block’s settings. Usually Inspector is divided into 4 parts: a) input parameters; b) output parameters; c) block conversion area – which allows to convert the block into a similar one (if any similar blocks are present); d) either the description of the current block or a description of one of the similar blocks which is currently being mouse overed in the conversion area.

4. Instruments Panel.

settings.png (1.29 KiB) Viewed 2326 times

- shows Editor Settings window.

playPauseStop.png (833 Bytes) Viewed 2326 times

- buttons to control the state of the application in Unity. If you work with several monitors – you’re going to like this feature!

save.png (735 Bytes) Viewed 2326 times

- button to save the Graph. If you press this button and currently selected GameObject is different from GameObject with the current Graph – a window will popup and you’ll be able choose a Save options (including the option to copy the current Graph to some other GameObject).

createInstance.png (966 Bytes) Viewed 2326 times

- button becomes activated if GameObject is selected and it’s differend from the GameObject with the current Graph. If you press this button an independent Graph copy will be created and assigned to the selected GameObject.

notesList.png (762 Bytes) Viewed 2326 times

- dropdown Notes list. Provides a quick transfer to Note blocks (if any such blocks are present in your Graph).

assetName.png (1.27 KiB) Viewed 2326 times

- field for Graph asset renaming. Use understandable names and you’ll be able to use Graphs as templates and also look through the Graphs in the project from “VIZIO/Project Data/Graphs” folder. Press “Rename” to apply name changes, otherwise the name won’t be changed.

ownerField.png (1.54 KiB) Viewed 2326 times

- “ping” field for the GameObject which is the owner of the Graph. Use it to quickly find the GameObject in Hierarchy.
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