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Set Local Variable value inside other graph

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Set Local Variable value inside other graph

Postby Neodrop » 05 Jul 2011, 09:23

(will be included in 1.21)

Using csharp Syntax Highlighting
using System;
using Antares.Vizio.Runtime;
using Antares.Vizio.Runtime.Core;
using UnityEngine;
[VisualLogicBlockDescription(@"Set local variable value of the specified target graph.
NOTE : The variable name is case sensitive"
    [VisualLogicBlock("Set Value For", "Variables", ParentName = "Local Variable")]
    public class SetLocalVariableBlock : LogicBlock
        [Parameter(VariableType.In, typeof(VizioComponent), Name = "Target Component")]
        public Variable target;

        [Parameter(VariableType.In, typeof(string), Name = "Local Variable Name")]
        public Variable variableName;

        [Parameter(VariableType.In, typeof(object), Name = "Value")]
        public Variable variableValueIn;

        [Parameter(VariableType.Out, typeof(object), Name = "Value")]
        public Variable variableValueOut;

        public LocalVariable variableLink = null;

        public void In()

            if (target.Value as VizioComponent == null)
                MarkAsBroken("Target Component is null");

            variableLink = ((VizioComponent)target.Value).GetLocalVariableByName((string)variableName.Value);
            if (variableLink != null)
                variableLink.Value = variableValueIn.Value;
                variableValueOut.Value = variableLink.Value;

        public override void OnInitializeDefaultData()
            RegisterOutputTrigger("FOUND"); //0
            RegisterOutputTrigger("NOT FOUND");//1
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Re: Set Local Variable value inside other graph

Postby Trezvie » 27 Nov 2015, 14:22

Nice posts. Keep posting such needed information. Thank's!
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