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Easy way to connect with other extensions


Postby monosapiens » 15 Jun 2012, 06:19

Hey guys, we have developed an extension for Playmaker and we're currently developing an extension for NGUI. We're really interested in having ANTARES communicating directly with MonoSQLite! Would you also be interested in that? Please, tell us what we're supposed to do in order to get such a component or extension up and running and we'll do it! :idea:

Eduardo Capanema
Systems Engineering
Mono Sapiens LTDA
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Re: MonoSQLite

Postby kshaja » 18 Jun 2012, 09:56

Hi, this is so nice.
One way is to create Custom Logic Blocks in c# ( better way )
there are Logic Blocks that can be used to communicate with third party scripts

Or wait for NEODROP ;)
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Re: MonoSQLite

Postby juanjo » 18 Jun 2012, 10:55

By the way I will be interested in your MonoSQLite for Universe.
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Re: MonoSQLite

Postby holyjewsus » 03 Jul 2012, 21:34

Hey mono sapiens is this still in the works?
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Re: MonoSQLite

Postby kyy921 » 17 Sep 2012, 08:41

very iteresting on this, did we have any block to connect universe with monolite?
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Re: MonoSQLite

Postby rahuxx » 08 Mar 2013, 16:25

any update on this?
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Re: MonoSQLite

Postby ClubMyClub » 07 Sep 2015, 18:50

Thanks. Very informative.
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