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gurilla organizer

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gurilla organizer

Postby Friedstoeren » 13 Feb 2012, 09:50

hi there.

I want to show you my tool guerilla orginazer...
it is basicly a mindmappig tool but with a clue. you can drag and drop app and share product of the app(but not now,it cam with the next version)!!!
my tool is atm only a prototyp... but i think it is time to show it to you guys and ask for help.

want i need is a good writing tool and maybe a chat system.
if you have a idea or you want to help me develop it write me a message.

by the way the tool is 100% writen with universe.
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Re: gurilla organizer

Postby holyjewsus » 13 Feb 2012, 14:59

hey, I really want to see the app, but the link goes to a 404 error.
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Re: gurilla organizer

Postby Neodrop » 14 Feb 2012, 12:10

Yep. 404
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Re: gurilla organizer

Postby ClubMyClub » 07 Sep 2015, 18:51

Thanks for the replies.
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