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Drag and Drop

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Drag and Drop

Postby kodagames » 17 Sep 2015, 00:26


Im new to Antares Universe and maybe thats the problem (not knowing) but Im following this video (little big tutorial 01) located here:

And unfortunately right off the door I have an issue for some reason I cannot drag and drop the Lighter (gameObject) from the hierarchy into the graph? I was able to add the update and rotate node as seen in the video, so Im hoping theres something simple Im missing (or need to setup)? I've installed the universe asset (free version) and went right to this tutorial and already Im stuck

Im on a Mac OSX Yosemite 10.10.4 and using Unity 5.1.2f1

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Sincerely, Michael
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Re: Drag and Drop

Postby Neodrop » 05 Oct 2015, 14:45

This bug happend when UT change some editor code inside OsX Unity Editor. Unfortunatelly often. I don't know why, but it's happend sometime between new Unity patches
I will try to fix it soon.
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