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Character Controller??

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Character Controller??

Postby atn567 » 24 Feb 2016, 21:43

I'm an artist and animator, working on implementing my work into game engines. I had a friend showing me C# for programming, but I've been having a tough time grasping it and it's been taking a long time. When I heard of "visual scripting" plug ins, I thought it would make things much easier.

However, this makes even less sense to me than coding. So my question is: what's the simple, dumbed-downed version of how to implement character controls? I have a character with animations. How do I simply say "when you press this button, have character do this animation", and have multiple animations for different button inputs?

I found plenty of tutorials showing how to do other stuff, but nothing dealing directly with separate character animations. Visuals would also help. I'm an idiot and this plug-in makes no sense to me right now.
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