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Additional Assets and Fonts

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Additional Assets and Fonts

Postby WickedVixen » 29 Mar 2013, 20:22

Not sure where to post this... (Admin, please drop this where it can do the most good. Thank you.)

I am offering my services for creating graphic assets and new fonts for use in any game or project.

I offer good prices for both commercial and non-commercial project with a license for the same.

Single Fonts: Full Character Set (Roman Style w/ Special Accented Characters) US$50.00 Commercial / US$25.00 Non-Commercial
Font Packs: Full Char (up to 5 fonts) same style as above US$125.00 Commercial / US$105.00
Game or Company Logos: Based on Size (in pixels) and information conveyed.
- - Simple Logos: 64x64 pixels US$20.00 / 128x128 pixels $25.00 / 256x256 pixels $40
- - Larger Logos or off shaped (rectangular) must be in intervals/multiples of 8 pixels Small (64x128) US$30.00 / Medium (128x256) US$40.00 / Large (>= 1024x1024) US$60.00

I will take requests and allow contact via Skype and e-mail (where applicable) when a deal has been reached. I prefer PayPal to be my payment option of choice. Please contact me for other things, too. I might be able to accommodate larger font packs and/or discounts for multiple graphic pieces. Just drop me a quick note here, and in my PM. I will get back to you as I am on here every day.

Thank you for your patronage and support. I can offer corporate discounts on a multi-piece package consisting of multiple fonts and graphic assets. Please inquire.

Thank you.
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