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A better interface for editing.

Propose a useful feature - and there's a good chance it'll be implemeted in the next release!

A better interface for editing.

Postby khalint » 23 Sep 2013, 05:11

Now, I am not a programmer really - this is why I have been looking for that perfect visual editor. Antares is very close to what I *personally* would consider what I want but theres some things that could really help.

I used the Starcraft 2 editor which has to be one of the most amazing visual editors (though it is limited in many ways) for scripting. It doesnt have the dragging of lines between logic which I like but the display of information is way more intuitive and customizable and looks really nice.

As an example with the extra labeling (which is only for convenience and readability) of a camera collision script I made using the editor:

Here it is with the extra labeling removed:

Custom actions/functions even have "grammar text" which is plain English explanations with clickable inserts to set values, here is a while loop built in this way

In the top part of the image it shows the function being built and the text to display which as you type it you can insert the location of input values in the line of text.
In the bottom part of the image it shows the resultant action in use and the clickable points where you can type in values or select from a list the variables or other options.

Now obviously none of this stuff has any change on the resulting script generated by the function its code like anything else but from a design perspective I can come back to something I created years ago (as was the case here) and understand exactly what I was doing, also someone else could do the same. All while not really knowing how to program.

Just a thought really, but the interface on containers and logic blocks is so plain and can be hard to understand. Something like this would make it much more readable and really is all just labeling and converting those labels into values "under the hood."

At the end of the day Antares displays only the nuts and bolts of a block at the bottom of the interface, this is great for a programming mind but the presentation could be much better.
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Re: A better interface for editing.

Postby Neodrop » 24 Sep 2013, 07:34

I can't answer you right now. Let me a few time for it.
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Re: A better interface for editing.

Postby khalint » 24 Sep 2013, 14:06

I understand, as an aside color coding the input and outputs of blocks/containers would help readability as well.
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Re: A better interface for editing.

Postby Trezvie » 27 Nov 2015, 14:12

That was an really impressive post and i like that.
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