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About Links and Coroutines

About Links and Coroutines

Postby gnoblin » 29 Jan 2011, 06:50

Links which connect Logic Blocks in Universe are at the same time Coroutines.
If you click the link button, link menu is opened.

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Delete - Delete the link.

It is possible to choose the amount of time to delay execution of the link :

Wait for frame - how many frames to skip until the link is going to be executed.
Wait for end of frame - link is going to be executed at the end of the frame.
Wait for FixedUpdate - link is going to be executed together with Unity FixedUpdate() - when physics calculations are being performed.
Wait for Second - link is going to be executed in a period of time in seconds.

By default the link has a delay of 0. If you connect the link to its own block or to blocks preceding its own block in a logic sequence, you create a loop and the application has a chance to enter an infinite loop. That's why Universe looks out for such situations and when loop is detected, you link is automatically assigned Wait for frame = 1 and the link itself starts to have a light green color scheme.

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If you want to repeatedly perform many operations per frame (i.e. process an array of data) you can set this delay back to 0.
Be attentive when setting the delay - unwise setup can 'hang' your application.

P.S. Sequential activation of the link in a waiting mode will make it create a new queue and execute it after the first one. So if you have execution delay set to 1 second and after 0.25 seconds you activate the link again, it'll start in 1 second after first activation and in 0.25 seconds the next time. Take this into account when you build your logic.

Add control point - add control point for better link's position manipulation.
Remove control point - remove additional control point.
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